I’m glad you found this website.

I offer coaching, counseling, and supervision in native English, and sometimes in German, for individuals and couples.

Most, but not all of my clients, have come to Germany as adults. Some of them find it difficult to live here and need help adjusting to life in Germany. Some are struggling with something at work. Some are facing challenges in a relationship … maybe with their parents, or a partner, and perhaps the partner has a different cultural background. Some clients come to me because they are dissatisfied with their lives and want something to change, but not sure how to change, or even what exactly it is that needs to change.

Couples come to me because they are experiencing conflicts, and they are not able to talk with each in a productive way. My goal is to help them communicate with each other and find solutions based on what they each want and don’t want in the relationship.

Regardless of why you come to me, my goal is to help you get what you want, to change your life in the directions that are important for you, and to use your own experience and wisdom to get insights and develop solutions for yourself. I am optimistic when it comes to personal change – I believe that people can change – I have personally experienced some amazing changes in my life and in the lives of my clients. You can learn more here: What Can I Change?

I enjoy working with people who have never tried coaching or counseling. And I especially enjoy working with men who want to talk about their experiences and explore how they can find satisfaction in their lives. If this is the first time that you have reached out to someone like me, I want to reassure you that it is normal to feel a little scared when you start this process (or even when you simply think about contacting me!).

I have many years experience giving support to people, helping them solve problems in their lives, and coaching them to communicate in a more effective way.

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