Comments from clients

Cooper has accompanied me for several years in a process of self discovery.  Talking with him, I feel safe and understood.

— Caroline

After 2 years living in Nürnberg, away from my home country and at the age of 33, I came to the scary realization that I was a bit lost and lonely. This was the reason I first contacted Cooper.

As I had never sought out help like this before, our first couple of meetings were inevitably a little awkward!  However his kind, open minded yet professional manner allowed me to safely explore all sorts of questions I had about myself and I was at ease very quickly.

I never thought I would seek out counseling prior to meeting Cooper, but now, I can’t imagine not having this fantastic outlet for self reflection.  Cooper and I have been seeing each other for over 5 years now, knowing him has added a real emotional wealth to my life and I hope to continue our sessions for the foreseeable future.

— Tom

I have been going to see Cooper occasionally, when I need to talk to someone, for about 3 years now.  He is a stable point in my life, and I learn from him. Being an immigrant to Germany, I found it hard to find someone who truly understands me.  In Cooper’s office I find what I need.

— Sara

Cooper helped me accept a lot about myself that I never had the courage to face, or always despised about myself. He helped me open up to my entirety instead of just my “good sides.” This realization brought a lot more acceptance of myself and of others, and a self-belief that I never knew before. His lessons still come to me as landmarks of my growth as a human being.

— Max

I live in the US, but was going to be in Nürnberg for a couple of weeks to visit a friend,
found Cooper on-line and contacted him to see if he could help me clean up my life. It
was pretty messy. We talked on the phone, he agreed to see me when I got to Nürnberg,
but he was skeptical of what we could accomplish in a couple of weeks. I met with him 6 times in those two weeks, and then I went back to the US.

That was about 6 months ago. Now, my life is going really well. I went back to work, I
sleep a lot better at night, and my anxiety levels are pretty low. When I get anxious, I use
the grounding techniques he showed me, and the anxiety quickly goes away. My
relationship with both my children is really good right now. Cooper made a huge,
positive impact on my life.

— Melissa

When I started going to see Cooper; I had questions about my life. I felt a little lost, confused and sad. I found Cooper incredibly easy to talk to — and I looked forward to seeing him each week. He has helped me slow down and understand my emotions better. I feel more confident and grounded as a result.

— Jessie

Although I only went to see him a few times, I felt that Cooper really understood my cultural background, and he helped me with the difficulties I was having adjusting to life in Germany.

— Angduc

I have been working with Cooper for over 5 years now. I have built a strong relationship with him, which has helped me change how I interact with other people. It has also taught me to look at myself and think about what I feel and want. I have learned not to waste my time influencing others, instead to look at what I can change in me.

The cool thing is, I still don’t know completely what I want to change in me, but that is also ok. I am learning to accept things I don’t know and can’t control.  That is a big step forward for me.

— Christopher

Cooper is great at spotting and gently pointing out things that I need to work on — in a relaxed and friendly way — which helps me laugh about myself while seriously working on my weaknesses and realizing big things.

— Stephanie

I have been in counseling with Cooper on and off for well over 10 years. My initial goal was to become more aware of my feelings and to be able to act on these in healthy ways. Although this is still often a battle, both Cooper and I can see that I have made real progress.

We have also spent a lot of time focusing on how I deal with interpersonal conflicts, and I feel that Cooper has been able to offer me a good range of options for dealing with these, perhaps chief among them the ability to own up to the role I have played in creating those conflicts.

I have also appreciated his willingness to account for those times when he has felt that he made mistakes, or when I may have felt bad about something he said. My ability to identify those moments and speak up for myself has been a key part of the process.

— Robert

Working with Cooper has opened our eyes to an entirely new and productive approach to communicating as a couple.  After a year of couples counseling, we’ve become not only more patient with each other but we’ve gained a deeper, truer respect for one another. We’ve learned how to listen, really listen while still ensuring that our individual needs are met. What a lesson! We are still learning…but at least we have some tools now.

— Anne and Josef

Cooper is great. I love him for the work he is doing to help others. I am instilled with a renewed optimism and a sense of self that I had thought was lost when I moved to Germany.  I am grateful for his help.

— Daniel

Before I meet Cooper, I felt that my life was broken. Cooper helped me to put my life together piece by piece. Family. Work. Life in Germany. Keeping healthy relationship
with my partner. Understanding what is important to me. He has a wealth of experience in all of these areas and can help you to go through the change. I am happy to have Cooper in my life.

— Anton

Cooper is warm and very generous.  We have had lots of fun working together. I trust him. It has been a journey of transformation for me, and I am thankful for his help and support!

— Katja

Cooper is one of the best multi-cultural skilled professionals I have ever met in my life. He behaves like a European, has knowledge like an American, hugs you like a Turk, and meets you like a Spaniard.

— Mehmet