Racism and race privilege

Profiting From Racism: a family history of how race and class privilege created wealth

Describes in detail how my white ancestors benefited financially from over two centuries of official, legal racism in the United States, and how I am the beneficiary of this racism.

Published in Hughes, S. A. and Berry, T. eds., The Politics of Race in Education: Living, Learning, and Teaching, Hampton Press, 2011

White Men Challenging Racism: 35 Personal Stories

This book is a collection of first person narratives based on interviews with 35 white men in the United States who challenge racism. Included here are the table of contents with a brief description of the 35 white men profiled, excerpts from the Introduction and Preface, and the complete narrative of one of the men profiled in the book.

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Co-authored with Emmett Schaefer and Harry Brod, published by Duke University Press, 2003

White Men and the Denial of Racism

Describes some of the ways that white men resist the idea that racism exists, and provides some possible explanations for this resistance.

Published in Reading for Diversity and Social Justice, edited by Maurianne Adams et al, Routledge, 2000

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