Cooperative Communication

Cooperative Communication is a method for getting most or sometimes all of our needs met in our relationships. Using Cooperative Communication creates intimacy and equality in relationships. We sense that we are understood and accepted for who we are. It supports us to be in authentic contact with ourselves and others. It can be used in any way that we prefer to communicate with others: live, voice, text, etc.

I first learned about Cooperative Communication in 1990 during a workshop led by Josephine (Jo) Bowens Lewis. She called it “The Cooperative Contract” What Jo taught was based on a model developed by Claude Steiner, who, with several colleagues, developed “The Cooperative Process” in the 1970’s and described many aspects of this in his book Achieving Emotional Literacy. For over 30 years, I have led groups and coached individuals using Cooperative Communication. In my personal life, I try to live and communicate cooperatively, not always perfectly, and I am continuing to learn how to communicate effectively.

Since 2021, a small group of us in Nürnberg have been meeting to practice using Cooperative Communication. We have developed a website where you can learn about Cooperative Communication and download resources you can use in your relationships.