We Want to Meet Each Other as Equals, but Something Gets in the Way

An essay in both English and German that describes patterns of inequality between native Germans and Immigrants to Germany.

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Promoting Equality and Human Rights Includes Self Reflection

This is an essay in both English and German that challenges activists, politicians, and teachers to reflect on their personal experience as they challenge discrimination.

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A White Man’s Experience of Oppression in a Life of Privilege

After moving to Germany and beginning to speak German, I had some experiences that taught me about the emotional impact of oppression. Even though I am a very privileged immigrant, I had a taste of what it feels like to be the target of oppression.

Published in The Diversity Factor, Spring 2008

The Connections Between Homophobia and the Other “Isms”

Encourages people to use what they know about one type of oppression and apply it to other types of oppression. Offers guidelines as well as traps to avoid when exploring the similarities and differences between oppressions.

Co-authored with Althea Smith, published by The Campaign to End Homophobia, 1991

White Heterosexual Men Can Understand Oppression

This is a shorter version of an essay I wrote in 1991, Can White Heterosexual Men Understand Oppression? In this essay, I describe some of the barriers that white heterosexual men like me face in understanding oppression and offer some suggestions for overcoming those barriers.

Published in Cultural Diversity at Work, September 1995

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