Homophobia, sexual identity, and heterosexual privilege

A Queer Life for a Straight Guy

Based on my experiences in a construction management company, this essay describes some of the subtle ways that homophobia impacted my relationships with male employees, and their relationships with each other, and suggests that sharing feelings can have a major impact on the work environment.

Published in The Diversity Factor — Perspectives on Heterosexism, Racism and Sexism, Winter 2005

Beyond Gay or Straight: Increasing our Choices about Sexual Identity

Originally published as a pamphlet, this essay offers a broad perspective on sexual identity. Included are three scales that measure sexual identity.

Co-authored with by Amanda Udis-Kessler, published by the Campaign to End Homophobia, 1995

On Being Heterosexual in a Homophobic World

A personal history of my relationship with homophobia: how I learned about homophobia, its negative impact on my life, and how ending homophobia is in my self-interest.

Published in Backfire: the effects of homophobia on heterosexuals, edited by Warren Blumenfeld, Beacon Press, 1993

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